CPO PRODUCTIONS is a London-based, independent management & production company specialising in film, television and music.

We are the Scipio brothers, Taylor & Jacob. We both have a long history working in the film industry; starting out as child actors, with Taylor turning his focus to directing after studying film at university, while Jacob has continued to forge a career as an actor, developing his skill as a writer at the same time.

Our first collaborative project was in 2004, when we shot our first short film together, The Incredible Adventures of Master Marley, which Taylor wrote and directed and in which Jacob starred, aged 11.

After a brief hiatus, we rekindled our creative partnership in 2016 with our short Cowboys & Angels, which Jacob wrote and starred in and Taylor Directed. The short, which also starred
Sid Owen, debuted in Cannes in 2016 and went on to play at the BFI as well as number of other film festivals.

Early in 2018 we were back again with the comedy short The Writers Group, again written by and starring Jacob and Directed by Taylor. It also stars the hilarious Harriet Thorpe, and will be our second short accepted into the Cannes Film Festival, and has already been selected for the S.O.U.L film festival 2018 at the BFI.

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